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EverPup® is a revolutionary dog supplement developed by internationally respected veterinarian Demian Dressler, DVM, co-author of the best-selling animal health book The Dog Cancer Survival Guide and developer of Apocaps® -- a powerful nutraceutical that's helped tens of thousands of dogs and their veterinarians.


    Formulated by Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM, creator of Apocaps®


    Give it straight out of the jar or just sprinkle it over your dog's food, and watch your dog smack his lips in delight.


    EverPup uses all natural botanical extracts to give your dog the ultimate daily health support. As Hippocrates advised " Let food be your medicine."


    Normal, natural cell turnover is one of nature's most basic tools for keeping your pup healthy and balanced, which is why we include so many apoptogens in EverPup. Ingredients like silymarin, citrus bioflavonoids, and curcumin support normal apoptosis, the fascinating end-of-life process cells go through when they get old, deranged, or damaged. Taking EverPup daily from puppyhood through their senior years helps every cell in your dog's body stay fresh and invigorated!


    Why give your dog something you wouldn't eat? Made to human (not pet) standards, from 100% human-grade sources, all of our ingredients come from ethical, trusted sources that have a proven track record for quality, safety, and purity.


    EverPup is manufactured to human nutraceutical standards in labs approved and inspected by the FDA right here in the United States.


    We've hardly ever met a dog that didn't go crazy over EverPup®. Try adding a tad bit of water to it, and it becomes a rich green gravy that drives dogs wild. In fact, it’s so darn tasty, we guarantee it! If for some reason you’re not satisfied, or your dog won’t eat it, we’ll buy it back from you.

Every Dog Deserves to Live a Long and Healthy Life

EverPup® daily dog supplement is not JUST a dog multivitamin, or a dog joint supplement. It's so much more! EverPup provides broad based support for all organs, cells and body processes.

Every Dog Deserves to Live a
and Healthy Life

EverPup® daily dog supplement is not JUST a dog multivitamin, or a dog joint supplement. It's so much more! EverPup provides broad based support for all organs, cells and body processes.

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Watch the video above to learn how EverPup® Daily Dog Supplement has changed the lives of pets and their owners.

My 13.5 year-old border terrier Bear has been taking EverPup for nearly a month now, and I am completely amazed. He's doing things he hasn't done since he was a puppy. The flexibility in his back legs has improved. His coat looks healthier and he is enjoying his life again ... Bear will be using it from now on.

– Patricio Osborne

Our two Westies really seem to like this on their food, and they seem to be scratching less.

– Donna Masher

Our 14 year-old golden retriever has never been in better shape and this supplement has really helped keep her perky and moving!

– Monica Murray

This product comes highly recommended to help keep my dog's immune system strong. After having had a dog with cancer I am willing to do what it takes to help keep him healthy.

– Terry Kostes

I have all three of my dogs (2 Yorkies and 1 German Shepherd) using this product. It has helped change their lifestyle. They move much better, and have more energy. Love it!

– Winston T.

Supportive Ingredients ...

EverPup Ingredient Benefits Chart - Supportive Ingredients - DNA Protection, Comfortable Movement, Peaceful Mind, Soft Shiny Skin and Coat, Happy Poops, Immunity Shield

... Designed to Avoid Over-Supplementation

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One jar of EverPup® dog supplement used daily, lasts 30 days for the average sized dog. For dogs under 15 pounds, one jar of EverPup lasts 60 days. This means EverPup is a convenient one-stop shop for your dog's supplement needs. No muss, no fuss. Perfect for the dog owner with other time demands.